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Our Reviews

"If you are looking for a caregiving job where the management actively seeks to understand and work with you, look no further! I have had nothing but positive experience for the years I have worked with them. They work with you to match shifts with your availability, do their best to find you a new client ASAP while you're in-between clients, they even try to match you with clients that you would be most compatible with! That translates to the best possible care for the clients and positive work environment for their caregivers. Whether you are looking for care or a job, I highly recommend them."

 - Loise, Caregiver

"SAFE HOMECARE has been wonderful to work with. I have nothing but positive things to say about the staff! Mandy is exceptional!!"

 - Barbara

"SAFE HOMECARE has a great team that truly cares. From the office team to boots on the ground caregivers, excellent service and ❤"

 - Michayne, Caregiver

"We engaged SAFE HOMECARE when we required around the clock in home Hospice Care. They did a great job. They showed up early to assist with prep and were there around the clock for nearly five days until my father passed. I would highly recommend especially for patients suffering from a form of dementia where the family needs additional support beyond traditional hospice services!"

 - Mark

The office is always available accommodate my work schedule needs. I appreciate the flexibility they provide me.

 - Jennifer, Caregiver

Amazing place to work. All through my pregnancy Safe worked with me. I was high risk and they gave me easy shifts where I could sit and chat with clients. And when I couldn't make it in due to having go to hospital they always were calling and checking on me. Still working with me around my husband's changing work schedule and my kids schedules. They still get me enough work to help me pay my bills and not be worring about anything. Always making sure my family and I have everything we need. Amazing company! My clients always tell me they love the ladies and Spencer in the office. They always work hard to make sure that they are taken care of. Going to shifts if they can not find someone who is available.

 - Christian, Caregiver

Very professional and responsive. I would recommend.

 - Alan

Penny Appezzato, Managing DIrector of SAFE Homecare, has not only an extensive background in the healthcare industry but is one of the most compassionate individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. The bottom line is she is a caring person who has helped many people in ways no others would. Penny is trustworthy and goes above and beyond patient needs. Penny and Tyler Keely, DIrector of Business Development, are dedicated to supporting industry partners and because of this they are able to assist patients and families with connecting to credible resources for any healthcare questions and needs outside of their services. If you or a loved one need guidance, assistance or help, call SAFE.

 - Kristin

This a wonderful, caring and dedicated team! They respond rapidly to care needs and provide a personal touch to each person and their family. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a little to extra care for their loved one or themselves.

 - Jessica

"SAFE HOMECARE provided wonderful care for my mother for over a year. During COVID, she needed additional services and attention in an assisted living community. SAFE HOMECARE was responsive, flexible and provided caring aides. I would highly recommend."

 - Kathy

"SAFE HOMECARE was great! They helped me when my husband was ill. We were exposed to COVID, did not have COVID, just exposed. When no one else would help, they had a hazard team in place who could help. They care for their clients!"

 - Maggie

"SAFE HOMECARE was highly recommended to us by a hospital discharge planner and the memory center we placed mom in. Within an hour of our phone call, the nurse met us at the hospital and caregivers were ready. Mom went home for the holidays and is improving daily. We are very grateful for all the staff who helped during our crisis."

 - Margaret

"I love everyone with SAFE. They are very caring and understanding. They try and work with you if your having a bad time in your life. They are always there to answer questions and if they don't know the answer they do their very best to find out for you. I've worked with them for almost 2 years. Always been good to very glad i found SAFE."

 - Kimberly, Caregiver

We are so thankful for Safe Homecare. We needed some help with our mom who is in mid-stages of early onset Alzheimer’s. Our mom did not think she needed/wanted an aide. However, Talisha, Ashley, and Heidi have worked with us to find solutions, the right aide, and schedule that works for everyone. We are so thankful for their help and guidance. It’s been a true blessing to find a company that who is flexible and understanding of our situation.

 - Kristi

Amazing company… great office staff and aides

 - Kamauri

The office staff really helped my family and I secure a great caregiver that mom loves. I really appreciated everything they've done for us.

 - Sandra

Let’s face it, homecare & healthcare agencies abound in southwest Florida; at-the-ready to accommodate just about any need imaginable when it comes to our ever-expanding senior population. And with such a plethora of possibilities to choose from, how to keep them all straight when so many of the names & titles of these agencies sound so similar? A new homecare agency in town might have solved the dilemma by incorporating the one word that’s predominated our vocabulary of late: “Safe.” Safe HomeCare, a licensed non-skilled private duty agency, is now serving Collier & Lee Counties. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dir. of Development Tyler Keely at a recent Patriotic (Car) Parade for the residents of a local senior community. (Stimuli is a critical component of care for seniors -especially during the COVID Crisis- as we all know.) Tyler’s insights were notable as he assisted in the staging of the 50+ autos all festooned in Red, White & Blue to honor the occasion as the police escort got underway. But as a nurse, the best surprise for me was learning that Tyler Keely is also a nurse, newly minted as a BSN in Chicago. As I marveled at my refreshing discovery, he replied, “I guess I just love people!” 🎺 Safe HomeCare. 🎺 Isn’t this what we all want?

 - Bernadette

The staff at Safe Homecare are very compassionate and caring which seem to be a rarity in todays world. I would highly recommend them for anyone else who seeking assistance taking care of their loved one.

 - Kristi

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