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Transition Care Services

Contact us to get help when you are being discharged from the hospital to your home.

SAFE HOMECARE | In-Home Senior Care

The right care can help make the at-home recovery process as smooth as possible. When being discharged from the hospital, it’s important to have a plan in place – our team of highly trained caregivers work with your medical providers to develop a personalized care plan tailored to your individual situation. Whether you need assistance with the discharge itself, around-the-clock monitoring after you get home or ongoing assistance with daily tasks over a longer-term, we’re here to help you with the highest-quality care along every step of the recovery journey.

Our customized in-home assessments take stock of what your loved one needs to successfully recover and builds a care plan around their condition and goals. We provide only the most appropriate assistance with our personal care services to support their ongoing success.

Our care plans are designed with your input and we work to keep you in the loop on what’s happening with those you love. We are the eyes and ears that spot small problems before they become bigger ones.

Transition Care Services Include:

  • Working with your medical team to follow discharge orders

  • Transportation - we can take you to your home following discharge

  • Pick-up your prescriptions

  • Pick-up groceries and any other errands you may need help with

  • Remind you when to take your medications

  • Cook meals while you are recovering

  • Working with other healthcare providers who will be involved in your care outside of non-medical home care.


SAFE HOMECARE was founded on the idea that it is always in the best interest of the family and loved one to keep them in the comfort of their own home. A drastic change in lifestyle from their own home to a nursing home has been proven to be a difficult transition.


That's why we formed SAFE HOMECARE. Knowing that their loved one is able to live at home while having the comfort of a caregiver to keep them company.

Happy Senior Couple

We background screen all caregivers prior to working with our clients.

We provide Continuing Education information to all our employees.

We perform employee evaluations on all our caregivers.

We provide Client Satisfaction Surveys to our clients.

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